Automatic and semi-automatic lines

Our automatic and semi-automatic lines for solution annealing with subsequent cooling solve your problems with maintenance of a desired temperature distribution and with excessively slow transfer of the hot charge into the bath. They monitor the right temperature and dwell length for you, and automatically submerge the charge into the bath. Even the simplest lines require operator intervention, but only before commencing heat treatment and after cooling. For subsequent artificial ageing, we recommend our SV Mk. II dryers, which provide superb temperature distribution. We also supply our entire centre for solution annealing with artificial ageing for the automotive and aerospace sectors, and so at your request, these dryers can meet the requirements of the AMS 2750 and CQI-9 standards or NADCAP certification.

Range of working temperatures for the technological process:
Set the range of temperatures you need for the production or heat treatment of your products. Then, you’ll find a list below of the furnaces with operational temperatures in this range.
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