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Ledl and Crhák. Two foundrymen—friends who built their first furnaces for enjoyment and for their friends. Today, they own a company employing 230 people that ships furnaces and dryers all around the world and ships refractory castable shapes all around Europe.
In our 30 years on the market, we have learned what you, our customers, want and need. We always strive to meet you halfway, which is why LAC has come to specialize in custom production, which now forms over 60 % of our work. With our products, we help you to increase your production capacity, save on energy costs, reduce boiler emissions, and maintain your equipment in the best condition possible for the longest time possible. And indeed, our maintenance services and expert consulting are something that Mr. Ledl and Mr. Crhák themselves appreciate. You see, they want to be sure that we supply high-quality products that will serve you long and well. They want to always be proud of how we do our work.
LAC, s.r.o. is a purely Czech firm that has grown its way from a 10x10 m garage up to manufacturing, storage, and administrative spaces with a total area of 25,000 m2. Since our founding in 1992, we have developed and produced almost 20,000 furnaces and dryers and over 50,000 different shapes for refractory castable shapes.
We have over fifty lines of standard furnaces and dryers in our assortment, and we develop six custom projects per month. And to give you an idea of our growth — in 2000 we had 114 employees and a turnover of 85 million crowns, while today we have 230 employees and a turnover rising towards 324 million.
LAC production plant Furnaces and dryers
LAC production plant Refractory castable shapes

Projects with EU support

Since 2019, the company has been implementing a project called “Development of Business Opportunities in Foreign Markets through Individual Participation in Foreign Exhibitions and Trade Fairs”, which is financially supported by the European Union under the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, of the Marketing Support Program — Individual participation at exhibitions and fairs.
The aim of the project is to promote the company at foreign trade fairs where it will exhibit and inform not only the professional public about its product portfolio in the field of industrial furnaces intended for the heat treatment of advanced materials, furnaces for additive technologies (3D printing of plastics and metals) and in the field of energy saving furnaces. In the area of refractory castable shapes, new types of refractory mixtures and their products will be presented by the project. The project is aimed at supporting the sale of our products on foreign markets with an emphasis on acquiring new business partners abroad and the possibility of penetrating new markets.
Project name: Development of Business Opportunities in Foreign Markets through Individual Participation in Foreign Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
Registrtion nm. of project: CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/18_244/0016516
Project start date: 13. 03. 2019
End date of project implementation:     30. 06. 2022
Website of the project: project-marketing

Company Headquarters

LAC, s.r.o.

Topolová 933
667 01 Židlochovice
Czech Republic


+420 547 230 016




Company’s registered office (Invoicing Address)

LAC, s.r.o.

Topolová 933
667 01 Židlochovice
Czech Republic





Registration: Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Entry 59

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