Standard Maintenance Conditions of LAC, s.r.o., production plant Furnaces and dryers

General Provisions 
These servicing conditions lay forth the basic conditions, rules, and obligations between the seller, which is the company LAC, s.r.o., with its registered office at Rajhrad, Štefánikova 116, ID no. 46903470, and the buyer during the provision of warranty and post-warranty maintenance services.
Other maintenance conditions or services can be agreed upon between the seller and the buyer on the basis of an agreement they close. 
Warranty Claim Process
The manufacturer’s servicing department accepts warranty claims
– in writing via the form RJ-S-08-P01 Warranty and Servicing Claim form, where the buyer writes contact information for the buyer, the kind of facility, its serial number, a detailed description of the defect, and the place for the service adjustment
– electronically via the form here
– electronically with provision of the type of facility, its serial number, and a detailed description of the defect via e-mail at the address
Our servicing department will contact the buyer without delay and agree upon the conditions for the warranty repair.
Warranty Repairs
Unless set otherwise via contract, the seller commences all tasks for executing the warranty repair within two working days of the announcement of the warranty claim by the buyer and the receipt of the detailed description and a photo of the defect. The arrival of the servicing technician at the customer for a warranty repair is usually within five business days.
The timeline for completion of repairs depends on the availability of spare parts and the repair technology chosen.
After each sale, the seller’s servicing department provides a list of regularly needed spare parts for the furnace or dryer upon request.
In the event that the repair technology requires that the facility be transported to the LAC, s.r.o. production plant, the customer is called to cooperate in disassembling the facility and preparing it for transport. This option is limited by the weight and size of the transported facility.
If not agreed otherwise, then for facilities installed on the territory of the Czech Republic, warranty service will be performed by a servicing technician of the seller for no fee.
Typical consumable parts are not subject to the warranty; see the LAC, s.r.o. General Delivery and Warranty Conditions.
In the event that a facility has been installed abroad, priority is given to having warranty service be performed by a service technician of the buyer. In this case, the seller provides for free all materials needed for the repair, and pays for the transport of materials to the installation site and for the work of the buyer’s service technician, as per the LAC, s.r.o. Maintenance Services Price List. The buyer pays for the service technician’s accommodation and transport costs.
If the buyer requires the execution of a warranty repair by the seller abroad, then the seller will provide the service technicians and material needed for the repair. These technicians will then issue a protocol on the warranty repair with a copy for the buyer, which will contain a description of the repair, a list of the repair costs, a stamp, and the buyer’s signature. The seller will pay the costs for the material and the work of its service technicians at the warranty repair site in accordance with the LAC, s.r.o. Servicing Price List. The seller will also pay any transport costs of servicing technicians and materials from the manufacturer’s headquarters outside the borders of the Czech Republic. The buyer will pay for accommodation abroad and for the transport costs of service technicians and materials from the borders of the Czech Republic to the place where the warranty repair will be performed and back.
After-warranty Services
After-warranty services or deliveries of spare parts are performed on the basis of an order by the buyer and are reimbursed according to the current LAC, s.r.o. Servicing Price List. Repairs may be performed at the manufacturer or on the site of the facility’s operation. The timeline for commencing a repair is set by an agreement between the seller and the buyer.
Conditions for Product Pickup for Repairs
The buyer must hand off a product for repairs in a clean and complete state only.
The seller reserves the right to not pick up for repairs any product that is
– highly polluted or contaminated with hazardous chemical substances
– used for purposes other than those set out in the product’s accompanying technical documentation
– not in harmony with the technical documentation of the manufacturer or with valid laws
Warranty Conditions
The warranty period for repairs to the product is 6 months; however, the warranty does not apply to the cases listed in the LAC, s.r.o. General Delivery and Warranty Conditions.
Warranty and Post-warranty Servicing
The LAC, s.r.o. servicing department offers the options of having preventive checkups performed, assembling a custom servicing contract, and consulting and other services listed in the maintenance section of the company’s website.
Benefits of preventive checkups:
– expert guidance from experienced service technicians who know the furnace’s design
– a long-term overview of the furnace’s technical state
– prevention against downtime and accidents
– saves you from cost overruns 
Benefits of paid maintenance contracts:
– service level agreement setting time until service technician’s arrival
– regular maintenance inspections
– discounts on spare parts
– lower hourly rate on service technicians’ work
– active work to improve your furnace
Contact for Servicing Department
(on business days from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
Telephone: +420 547 422 619

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