Who Are We Seeking?

We’re seeking teammates and friends who will be glad to talk with us both during and after work. We’re a classic Czech company—that means everyone knows everyone. We mainly take pride in the free hand that we give our employees in applying their own designs and ideas. However, we understand that no one was born a master, and so we definitely do not leave our team without aid and support. We want you to do work that makes sense—work that you will take pride in.
And we will too.

Mgr. Petra Musilová​
HR specialist
tel.: +420 724 402 008
e-mail: prace@lac.cz
Here you’ll be joining us in producing our standardized furnaces and dryers as well as unique custom solutions that we ship worldwide. Critically important, meanwhile, is the full-lifetime maintenance care that we provide for our facilities.
Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou
At this production plant, we manufacture the refractory castable shapes that we develop in cooperation with our customers. And it is precisely this cooperation and expert consulting that founds the basis of our work in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou.

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