New in the LAC range - equipment for shrinking packaging PE film

As a novelty in the assortment of furnaces and dryers, we offer a great device for economical shrinking of the packaging PE film, which is pulled in the form of a bag over the packaged goods placed on a standard EURO pallet.
You can find this device in our assortment under the name SV 2400 heat shrink chamber dryer. The shrink dryer is suitable for the economical and fast shrinking of packed pallets across all production, logistics and storage sectors, where it will suitably replace or complement other technology. During a short hot air thermal process with a temperature of 100-135 °C, the packaging film shrinks perfectly in the drying chamber and at the same time the material adheres to the pallet. As standard, the dryer is operated with a pallet, high-lift or low-lift truck, and the work cycle is automated and simplified as much as possible according to the customer's requirements.


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