LACfire 1200 IZO 1100 °C

An insulating refractory concrete with stable dimensions that has very low thermal conductivity. Shaped blocks made of this material are suitable as supplementary insulation for combustion chambers because, unlike fibrous insulation, this material is not absorptive and does not leak flue gases. It is thus typically used as a filler for the doors of combustion and stoking chambers and of ash receptacles, or for shielding the metal parts of boilers against direct heat.

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Most frequent uses of this mixture:

  • combustion chamber door filler
  • stoking chamber door filler
  • ash receptacle door filler
  • shielding of the metal parts of boilers against direct heat

Technical sheet



Type Insulating refractory concrete
Base materials Mullite
Bond Hydraulic

Physical properties

Classification temperature 1200 °C
Firing temperature 950 °C
Bulk density 1250 kg/m³
Compression strength 10 MPa
Thermal conductivity 0,6 W/m.K
Firing at up to 950°C
Over 50,000 different shapes
Over 8,300 m2 of production and storage area
Traditional hand production
We produce testing shaped blocks
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