Hot news: Our updated SV Mk. II dryers are replacing our older SV line

Our designers have improved upon our older SV line of chamber dryers. The new SV Mk. II stands out through its faster air circulation, which not only speeds up its arrival at maximum temperature, but also significantly improves the permeation of heat into the charge.

Thanks to the updated dryer constructions, we have been able to shorten delivery deadlines by over a third. What’s more, we can design and draft products with custom dimensions very quickly. Custom adjustments, meanwhile, are a natural here. The SV Mk. II is also adaptable for rubber processing with just a few adjustments.

Here’s what’s best about the SV Mk. II:

  • Delivery times as low as 6 weeks
  • Faster permeation of heat into the charge
  • Faster run-up to Tmax (up to 300 °C)
  • Temperature distribution ∆T 6 °C / ∆T 10 °C
  • 24-month warranty
  • Spare parts in stock
  • 2-day warranty service
  • An option for preventive inspections and maintenance agreements with discounts on spare parts

More information on the SV Mk. II

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