SC shaft furnace with internal atmosphere circulation up to 850 °C

Ideal for large charges loaded using a crane

We have designed this shaft furnace to make it serve well for heat treatment of charges that are large enough and heavy enough to need loading by crane. For charges like these, it is very important for heat to be conducted into them as well as possible, so that heating is as efficient as possible. Because of this, we have equipped these furnaces with forced air circulation.

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  • The heating placed along the walls ensures an even temperature distribution in the chamber’s internal operational space
  • Forced air circulation
  • A refractory steel grate is located at the bottom of the furnace; it is used for loading the charge, and meanwhile enables air circulation within the furnace

Charge treatment technology

  • Soft annealing
  • Annealing for stress relieving
  • Recrystallisation annealing
  • Artificial ageing
  • Low-temperature tempering
  • High-temperature tempering
  • Curing
  • Tempering of tool steels with protective atmosphere (in semi-gastight variant)
SC-500_85-shaft-furnace-with-internal-atmosphere-circulation.jpg SC 500/85 shaft furnace with internal atmosphere circulation
SC-500_85-shaft-furnace-with-internal-atmosphere-circulation.jpg SC 500/85 shaft furnace with internal atmosphere circulation

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Furnace type Tmax°C Recommended operating temperature range in °C Volume in l External dimensions (w × h × d) mm Internal dimensions (w × h × d) mm Input in kW Weight in kg Protection*  Voltage V Max. load capacity of bottom in kg
SC 500/85 850 300 - 800 500 1600x2400x1800 800x1000 50 1210 100/3 400 350
SC 800/85 850 300 - 800 800 1800x2400x1800 1000x1000 70 1500 125/3 400 450
SC 1000/85 850 300 - 800 100 1800x2700x2100 1000x1300 90 1720 160/3 400 600
SC 1700/85 850 300 - 800 1500 2000x2700x2100 1200x1300 120 2200 200/3 400 1000
*Protection can vary depending on accessories added (at additional cost).
Subject to technical changes.

Standard equipment

  • electro-hydraulically lifted lid
  • HtIndustry/Ht205 controller (30 programmes with 15 steps each)
  • limit unit
  • resistance heating (meanders)
  • insulation using blocks made of mineral-fibre and lightweight refractory bricks
  • “K” type thermocouple

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • Ht200 controller (30 programmes with 25 steps each, USB interface)
  • graphic temperature recorder
  • RS232 or EIA485 interface
  • HtMonit set (software + interface)
  • ammeters for checking the state of the heating elements (numbers based on number of phases connected to the heating)
  • optimisation of the temperature field for DIN 17052-1 ΔT10 °C in the internal usable space (in an empty furnace at Tmax)
  • measuring loop calibration
  • controlled forced overpressure cooling
  • uncontrolled forced overpressure cooling
  • individual dimensions to match customer requirements
  • custom loading grate (depending on the nature of the charge)
  • manual protective atmosphere intake
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.
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