LSP laboratory gradient furnace up to 1300 °C

Test quickly—up to five temperatures at once

With the LSP, expect a bulky and ugly furnace. And expect one that you’ll be thanking every day if you need to test the firing of a variety of samples at various temperatures. Thanks to this laboratory gradient furnace, you won’t need to have five different furnaces or to constantly reconfigure one furnace.

With this furnace, you choose an initial temperature in the first zone, and within the set ratios, the furnace automatically runs up to certain temperatures in the other zones as well. Although the temperatures in the remaining zones cannot be regulated individually, they are constantly checked by sensors. If the temperature ratios in the individual zones do not suit you, then let us know; we can adjust them. 

The laboratory gradient furnace is fantastic above all for long-term testing, because its brick lining accumulates heat well.

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  • Easy to install, easy to control
  • Custom adjustments
  • Delivery times within 12 weeks
  • Noise-free operation
  • 24-month warranty
  • Immediate technical support
  • Temperature stability
  • Five temperatures at once
  • Fast testing

Charge treatment technology

(PS = partially suitable)
  • Enamel firing (PS)
  • Sintering (PS)
  • Glass fusing (PS)
  • Material testing
LSP-30_13-laboratory-gradient-furnace.jpg LSP 30/13 laboratory gradient furnace
LSP-30_13-laboratory-gradient-furnace.jpg LSP 30/13 laboratory gradient furnace

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Furnace type  Tmax°C Recommended operating temperature range in °C Volume in l Vnější rozměry (š×v×h)mm Internal dimensions (w × h × d) mm Input in kW Weight in kg Protection* Voltage V
LSP 30/13 1300 600 - 1250 30 1700x1200x500 1400x140 7,0 240 20/3 400
*Protection can vary depending on accessories added (at additional cost).
Subject to technical changes.

Standard equipment

  • HtIndustry/Ht205 controller (30 programmes with 15 steps each)/Ht200 controller (30 programmes with 25 steps each, USB interface)
  • heating spirals in grooves in the lining on the sides of the furnace along its whole length
  • lid insulated using a mineral-fibre mat
  • “S” type thermocouple
  • contactless switching relay for noise-free operation
  • limit switch for safe opening of the furnace
  • manual furnace lid lifting
  • free-standing variant

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • Ht100 multi-channel meter (able to record temperatures in up to 10 places)
  • calibration of the controller’s measuring input
  • RS232 or EIA485 interfaces including software and cabling
  • HtMonit set (software + interface)
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.
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