LT 50 tube furnace for the aerospace industry up to 1300 °C

Tube furnace with servo drive

We constructed this furnace especially for aerospace industry tests. It contains three temperature zones – 800 °C, 1200 °C, and cooling. The servo drive is completely automatic, works according to a set timer, and is used for moving the charge between individual zones. We also designed and manufactured a special loading dipper from LAC refractory concrete, on which the charge is placed.

The entire system is controlled by a PLC Simatic controller using software for controlling the movement of the custom-made loading dipper. Up to 4 programmes with various timings can be set, as well as the number of repetitions of individual cycles.

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LT-standard-furnace.jpg LT standard furnace
LT-standard-furnace.jpg LT standard furnace
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