Refractory insulating pastes up to 1200 °C

VT paste

This is a fine mullite-based paste with a kaolin admixture. Our customers use it in boilers, fireplaces and industrial applications for its fine-grained structure. You can apply it directly from a tube as a sealant for the joints between refractory castable shapes and a boiler’s steel structure, or between the blocks themselves.

Boilermaker’s paste

Working with our pastes is very easy. They do not require any preparation; you can use them immediately. The surface layers of these pastes air-harden quickly, and yet retain part of their flexibility within the joint. There is thus no risk that shocks will make the paste crack or crumble. This is ideal for boilers, where the paste is used to seal the joints between refractory castable shapes and a boiler’s steel load-bearing structure.

KKB paste

This mullite-based paste with a corundum admixture is coarse-grained, making it good for boilers and industry. KKB paste is ready for immediate use and can be easily applied as a sealant for the joints between the steel structure of a boiler and the refractory castable shapes, or among the blocks themselves.

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