Furnaces and Dryers

LAC is more than just standard industrial furnaces and dryers. We meet your custom demands that others would refuse to even handle. We don’t simply sell machines. We want to stop by in a few months or years and make sure that everything is running like clockwork. And if it’s not, our servicing team will handle all repairs and reconstruction.
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6 custom projects per month
Over 14,000 furnaces manufactured
We deliver to
35 countries worldwide

Refractory Castable Shapes

Our technical sale managers will assist you in selecting a suitable shape and material for castable shaped blocks for boilers, fireplaces, and industrial purposes. Thanks to their experience, you can avoid repeating mistakes made by others. By providing such a consultation service in combination with the production of test blocks, we reduce your initial investment in the production and development of castable shaped blocks.
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Over 50,000 shapes
We produce testing shaped blocks
Over 8,300 mfor production and storage

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