28.08. 2016
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LAC - your partner for furnaces and dryers

We propose you a large-scale range of furnaces and dryers. It is only question of your choice, if it will be product of our standard selection or product made-to-measure by your requests. In any case it will be equipment of the greatest European producers in this sector, which satisfy not only European standards, but also entitled customer expectations.


Hot news: Innovative dryers SV Mk.II replace older SV line

Our designers have improved the older line of chamber dryers SV. The new SV Mk.II excels in faster air circulation that speeds up the achievement of the max  temperature but it also improves the heat transmission into the charge distinctly. 
15. 08. 2016

Also LAC has to relax sometimes

We would like to inform you that LAC will be closed for a short period in July. During this vacation we can replenish our energy and you will have our full attention again right after it ends.
17. 06. 2016

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