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During refining and hardening, customers often encounter problems with manipulating the charge and placing it into the furnace. In our years of designing furnaces for industry, we have learned which loading fixtures are durable and practical. We have learned how to make your work easier. For heavy charges, meanwhile, we have a solution in the form of refractory materials from our second production plant. These materials protect the bottom against damage and thus reduce your operating costs. For solution annealing of aluminium alloys, meanwhile, we design furnaces with an excellent temperature distribution and an emphasis on the shortest possible route to the bath for the hot charge. By doing this, we keep you from needing to work with specialised firms and save you money.
Диапазон рабочих температур для технологического процесса:
Задайте диапазон температур, который нужен для производства или термической обработки вашей продукции. После этого вам будет предложен список печей с рабочими температурами в данном диапазоне.
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