Laboratory chamber furnace L 03/12 Industry do 1150 °C

You will appreciate the well-roundedness of this facility in laboratories of all types. Thanks to its heating spirals placed within ceramic plates, this furnace is partially protected against mechanical and chemical damage. The L furnaces have a venting bleeder for drawing off flue gases. However, they are not suitable for pyrolysis. Their high-quality construction and materials used, meanwhile, ensure that the L furnaces can handle even demanding operation.

Technical parameters:

Max. tempertaure: 1200 °C
Recommended operating temperature: 700-1150 °C
Volume: 3 l
External dimensions (w × h × d)
380×440×400 mm 
Internal dimensions (w × h × d) 180×100×140 mm
Input: 1,2 kW
Max. load capacity of bottom 4 kg
Weight: 20 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Protection: 16/1 

More about standardised laboratory furnaces L.

Cena: 49 000,- CZK

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