Shapes for Flamen Omega fireplace inserts

Spare parts for fireplace stove Flamen - refractory castable shapes of hot air fireplace inserts Omega. Made in frontal, corner right and corner left modification.

I want precisely these shapes

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Bottom plate
Bottom plate
Side plate
Bottom plate
Bottom plate
Side plate


Omega frontal

1. Rear plate left
2. Side plate
3. Deflector
4. Bottom plate
5. Bottom plate right
6. Grate
7. Rear plate right

Omega corner L, Omega corner R

1. Rear plate left
2. Rear plate right
3. Bottom plate left (L)
4. Bottom plate right
5. Grate
6. Side plate

1. Rear plate left
2. Bottom plate right (R)
3. Rear plate right
4. Side plate
5. Bottom plate left
​6. Grate

Ke stažení

Firing at up to 950°C
Over 50,000 different shapes
Over 8,300 m2 of production and storage area
Traditional hand production
We produce testing shaped blocks
Please let us know what you are looking for

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