Shaped blocks for primary combustion chambers

For a combustion chamber to work efficiently, it is important that the shaped blocks have enough bulk to ensure the optimal pre-heating of primary air. Our refractory castable shapes can supply air to combustion chambers along two axes, thereby supporting a whirling motion for the gases and guaranteeing their optimal burning. However, the most valuable benefit of our shapes for combustion chambers is their resistance to oxidizing and reducing atmosphere.

I want precisely these shaped blocks, but I’d like a mixture recommendation

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Here’s a look at the properties of the mixtures that we typically use when manufacturing shapes for primary combustion chambers:

Production sample: Shaped blocks for combustion chambers—close-up
Production sample: Shaped blocks for combustion chambers—close-up
Firing at up to 950°C
Over 50,000 different shapes
Over 8,300 m2 of production and storage area
Traditional hand production
We produce testing shaped blocks
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