Deflector/Reflector/Flame baffle

Shaped blocks of this type are used primarily for shielding combustion paths and as flame baffles for burning volatile substances more efficiently, reducing dust content in flue gases, and improving emissions results—upon which there are ever-stricter demands. These shaped blocks also prevent the clogging of combustion-product paths with ash substances, which degrades the boiler’s pull and the functioning of the entire system.

I want precisely these shaped blocks, but I’d like a mixture recommendation

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Here’s a look at the properties of the mixtures that we typically use when manufacturing deflectors, reflectors, and flame baffles:
Production sample: Deflector
Production sample: Reflector
Production sample: Deflector
Production sample: Reflector
Firing at up to 950°C
Over 50,000 different shapes
Over 8,300 m2 of production and storage area
Traditional hand production
We produce testing shaped blocks
Please let us know what you are looking for

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