LE 15/11 laboratory chamber furnace up to 1100 °C

We offer a new laboratory furnace LE 15/11 for immediate collection from stock.

Furnace specifications:

  • furnace L 15/11
  • regulator Ht40P (10 programmes, each with 15 steps)

Technical parameters of the furnace

Tmax: 1100 °C
Recommended operating temperature range:   700-1050 °C
Volume: 14,4 l
External dimensions (w × h × d):  550×370×565 mm
Internal dimensions (w × h × d):  250×170×340 mm
Input: 3,0 kW
Max. load capacity of bottom: 6 kg
Weight: 28 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Protection: 16/1 A

The furnace is new and unused, including complete accompanying technical documentation. The furnace has minor aesthetic flaws in the external appearance of the shell surface (dent) and a slightly damaged furnace chamber (abraded and broken corner in the door area). The detail of the surface difference and damage to the furnace chamber can be seen in attached photos. The oven labels are in the Czech language and the oven comes with a full warranty.
Price: €1,890 VAT excluded

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