Our company at the MSV 2017

As our tradition goes, again, we presented our company at the International Engineering Fair (MSV) in Brno. We would like to thank everyone who dropped by, talked to us, and who got to know our production of industrial furnaces and dryers and refractory castable shapes. There is going be lots of new features during the next year’s MSV, so stay tuned for 2018. We are looking forward to meeting you again.

Furnaces and Dryers>

Refractory Castable Shapes>

https://www.lac.cz/en/novinky/pece-a-susarny/our-company-in-the-msv-2017 | https://www.lac.cz/en/novinky/pece-a-susarny/our-company-in-the-msv-2017