PR: LAC and Ramsell: Business partnerships for GB and Ireland


LAC and Ramsell: Business partnerships for GB and Ireland
Hrušovany u Brna, 24 January 2014—The traditional Czech manufacturer of industrial furnaces and dryers LAC, s.r.o., which exports to over 35 countries worldwide, has entered a business partnership with the British company Ramsell-Naber. It will now be distributing its furnaces and dryers for foundries and for the heat treatment of metals and plastics via one of the most important players in its field.
“We believe that through cooperation with LAC, we can offer customers in Great Britain and Ireland innovative, high-quality, energy-efficient industrial furnaces and dryers,” said Ramsell-Naber managing director Chris Jackson.
Ramsell-Naber, founded in 1975, specializes in furnaces and machines for the foundry industry in Great Britain. This company’s name and principles are synonymous with high efficiency, quality, and long service life. Now Ramsell-Naber, as Great Britain’s leading foundry equipment supplier, is also offering a wide range of furnaces made by LAC, s.r.o. (crucible melting and holding furnaces, shaft furnaces, furnaces for heat treatment, preheating furnaces, and more).
For over two decades, LAC, s.r.o. has been a successful manufacturer and seller of industrial furnaces, dryers, and refractory castable shapes. It is active in both domestic and foreign markets. Since its founding in 1992, it has manufactured over 11,000 furnaces. Its products find applications in many technological processes within heat treatment, especially the melting and holding of non-ferrous metals and the heat treatment of ferrous metals.

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