Operational program Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme

This project is focused on supporting sales of our products in foreign markets, with an emphasis on acquiring new business partners abroad and the potential for breaking into new markets.
We want to present the results of our research and development above all regarding new low-energy furnaces for holding aluminium, a new type of aluminium-hardening line, and last but not least newly developed dryer types. In the area of refractory concrete products, meanwhile, we wish to present new types of lightweight refractory mixtures and products made from them, as well as new types of garden ovens, insulating rings, and combustion chambers.
The project’s goals are as follows:
1. support export to individual countries
2. obtain new business partners
3. present our existing products and new products and work to promote them abroad
4. familiarize ourselves with new trends in our line of business

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https://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/operational-program-entrepreneurship-and-innovatio | https://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/operational-program-entrepreneurship-and-innovatio