M Top Loading Kiln – Technical Modifications

We would like to inform you about technical modifications of M top loading ceramic kiln. For this furnace model, we carried out an overall innovation focused on adjusting partial properties and realizing production with the help of new mechanical equipment. In this innovation, we are also inspired by the suggestions of both business partners and our customers.

Basic overview of changes to new parameters and properties:

  • New composition of furnace types according to furnace volume (originally 6 types, now 7 types).
  • 3 types of furnaces with single-phase 230 V power supply.
  • Unification of furnace types to one working temperature (Tmax 1320 °C).
  • Introduced Bentrup TC75 and TC95 controllers.
  • Newly composed composition of insulation of the chamber, bottom and lid of the oven with optimal insulation properties for higher efficiency (new heat-resistant insulating brick, new heat-resistant insulating brick, high-quality micro-insulation for furnaces with single-phase 230 V supply).
  • Wi-Fi access via smartphone or PC (only with Bentrup controllers).
  • Suction flap in the bottom of the furnace.
  • We offer handling wheels as accessories for an additional fee.

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https://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/m-top-loading-kiln-technical-modifications | https://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/m-top-loading-kiln-technical-modifications