Electric bogie-hearth furnace VKNC 47800/85

We handed over an electric bogie-hearth furnace for heat treatment of steel weldments to a major manufacturer of rail vehicles in the Czech Republic. In this case, it is specifically the heat treatment after welding the frames of the bogies of railway vehicles.

We can really be proud of this furnace - it is the largest bogie-hearth chamber furnace with forced circulation of the internal atmosphere produced by LAC. Its volume is a respectable 47,800 l, operating temperature range 200-800 °C and external dimensions (w x h x d) 6 m x 6 m x 12 m.

The dimensions of the furnace then stand out best in our joint photo of LAC employees:
The usable dimensions of the bogie-hearth furnace, on which the charge is laid by a gantry crane, are (w x d) 3.8 m x 5.3 m, the working height of the kiln chamber is 1.9 m. The robustness of the furnace and the materials used was very important for the demanding operation of the machine shop. The furnace is composed of a robust steel construction, quality ISO blocks, calcium-silicate insulation boards and refractory castable shapes  manufactured in our branch in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou. The handling of the kiln car as well as the door is ensured by an electric drive. Heating from five sides and forced circulation of the indoor atmosphere ensures even temperature distribution. The furnace is controlled by programmable PID controller and is supplemented by custom software for batch registration using a barcode reader and for printing protocols from the heat treatment process.
The special capabilities of this device include a wide range of operating temperatures of 200-800 °C, fast rise to a temperature of at least 180 °C / hour and controlled forced cooling. The furnace is supplied including a ventilation and extraction system, and the residual waste heat can then be redirected to the heating of the surrounding production areas in the winter.

Thank you to our partners and customers who put their trust in our efforts, which are best described by the LAC slogan "ART OF HEATING". We value similar equipment very much and we will do everything we can to deserve this honor in all other supplied ovens and dryers - to get interesting technical ideas from paper to the workshop and to design unique products.

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https://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/electric-bogie-hearth-furnace-vknc-47800-85 | https://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/electric-bogie-hearth-furnace-vknc-47800-85