PTT Melting Transport Furnace up to 900 °C

The melting transport furnace is suitable for transporting the melt between the melting furnace and the workplace where the melted metal is cast. The maximum temperature in the heating space is 900 °C.
The cast iron collar ensures a long life for the crucible.


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  • Easy to install, easy to control
  • 24-month warranty
  • Even temperature load for the crucible
  • Efficient use of heating output
  • Easy replacement of both the heating elements and crucible
  • Low operating costs
  • 24-month warranty for the first set of heating elements

Charge treatment technology

The furnace is intended for the transport (using a forklift) of melts of aluminium alloys between the melting furnace and the workplace where the melted metal is cast.

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Furnace type Capacity
kg Al
T-max for long-term operation
Recommended operating temperature range in 
Crucible type: Noltina Volume of crucible in 
Loading height*
External dimensions (w × h × d) 
Input in 
Weight in 
PTT 300/09 Mk. II 275 900 800 650-850
(in crucible)
BU 300 110 940 1125x1285x1125 22 775 400 40/3
PTT 400/09 Mk. II 320 900 800 650-850
(in crucible)
BU 350 135 1040 1125x1485x1125 22 660 400 40/3
PTT 500/09 Mk.II 480 900 800 650-850
(in crucible)
BU 500 180 1090 1285x1635x1285 27 880 400 50/3
PTT 650/09 Mk.II 590 900 800 650-850
(in crucible)
BU 600 220 1290 1285x1835x1285 27 1115 400 50/3
PTT 800/09 Mk.II 970 900 800 650-850
(in crucible)
BN 800 300 1390 1400x1935x1400 38 1200 400 63/3
*The distance from the floor up to the top edge of the crucibles protective collar.

Standard equipment

  • Ht40T controller (3 programmes with 10 steps each)
  • Ht700 limit unit
  • Resistance heating (heating spirals)
  • Insulation using refractory concrete castable shaped blocks, a mineral-fibre mat, and microporous insulation
  • Protective collar of crucible made from grey iron
  • Manual lid
  • Emergency drain at the bottom of the furnace, with flap
  • Limit thermocouple of the S type and control thermocouple of the K type
  • Contactless (proximity) switching relay for noise-free operation – SSR
  • Residual current protector
  • Braces at the bottom of the furnace to ease manipulation using a forklift truck for the PTT 400/09 and higher cubic capacities
  • Connection between the furnace and switchboard, within a metal hose with a plastic protector, length of up to 5 m
  • The cable is provided with a connector for quick connection to and disconnection from the furnace
  • Wall switchboard

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • Crucible
  • Charge thermocouple of the K type with protective tube
  • Thermocouple of the K type in the wall of the crucible
  • Optical indication of the state of the heating elements (spirals)
  • System to check for cracks in the crucible
  • Measuring loop calibration (thermocouple + controller)
  • Connection of the furnace with the switchboard, within a metal hose with a protective metal sheath. The metal hose with a protective metal sheath on the surface always should be used for hoses with lengths exceeding 5 m.
  • Signalling when the temperature drops below 650 °C
Note: When combining optional accessories available for an extra charge, please consult with our technical office.


Custom additional components

  • Tilting furnace design intended for transporting a crane (PTTS)
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