PTPR melting gas stationary furnace with recuperation system up to 1200 °C

Recuperation to minimise your gas consumption

This furnace is used for melting metals up to 1,200 °C (approx. 1,100 °C in the crucible) and, if needed, the subsequent pouring of the melted product over into a transport ladle or a transport holding furnace. It is then transported for further processing. The furnace is fitted with a recuperator which preheats the air intended for combustion in the gas burner. Through this it reduces chimney losses and thus the furnace’s consumption. This in turn can give you gas savings of 25 to 30% compared to an ordinary gas furnace.

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  • Easy to install, easy to control
  • Custom adjustments
  • 24-month warranty
  • Mechanical durability
  • High melting output
  • Long service life for crucible through the use of an alloy collar
  • Protection of the furnace against any damage to the crucible, in the form of a safety opening in the bottom of the furnace
  • Gas savings due to feeding the gas burner with preheated air from the recuperation system
  • The expected gas savings are 25 to 30% of the gas relative to ordinary gas furnaces
  • Minimal heat losses due to the use of top-quality insulation materials and a rotary lid
  • Quick crucible replacement thanks to the easy removal of the crucible lid

Charge treatment technology

  • Melting of aluminium and aluminium alloys

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Energy savings

Furnace type Capacity in kg Al Tmax°C Tmax for long-term operation °C Recommended operating temperature range in °C Crucible type: Noltina Volume of crucible in l External dimensions* (w × h × d) mm Weight in kg Burner power intake in kW Melting output at 700 °C**, in kg Al/hour Energy consumption for melting, in Wh/1 kg Al
PTPR 200/12 185 1200 1100 650 – 850 (in crucible) BU 200 70 2100x2200x1400 950 180 200 0,7–0,8
PTPR 250/12 270 1200 1100 650 – 850 (in crucible) BU 250 100 2100x2200x1400 1100 180 200 0,7–0,8
PTPR 300/12 275 1200 1100 650 – 850 (in crucible) BU 300 110 2100x2400x1400 1250 180 200 0,7–0,8
PTPR 350/12 320 1200 1100 650 – 850 (in crucible) BU 350 135 2100x2400x1400 1500 300 350 0,7–0,8
PTPR 500/12 480 1200 1100 650 – 850 (in crucible) BU 500 180 2250x2400x1550 1800 300 350 0,7–0,8
* Stated furnace width is inclusive of the burner inlet.
* Stated furnace height is inclusive of the closed lid.
** The melting output values specified in the table are maximum ones. They are achievable if the conditions mentioned below are complied with. Approximately 80% of the maximum value of melting output is achieved during real operation.
Subject to technical changes.


Standard equipment

  • Crucible protective collar
  • Recuperation system
  • HT40B controller 
  • Ht 700 limit unit
  • Thermocouple in furnace space
  • Switchboard
  • Connection between the switchboard and the furnace in metal hoses with a protective metal sheath
  • Manually controlled lid

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • Crucible
  • Charging thermocouple with protective tube
  • Thermocouple in the crucible wall (only furnaces for temperatures of 1,200 °C)
  • Controller measuring loop calibration (thermocouple + controller)
  • Connection between the furnace and switchboard within a metal hose with a metal sheath. Always necessary for lengths over 5m
  • System to check for cracks in the crucible
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.

A melting gas stationary furnace PTPR with a recuperation system save 25–30 % of gas when compared with standard gas furnaces

We have furnished our gas burner with a recuperator, which preheats air intended for use at combustion. Using this method, chimney losses are reduced which results also in furnace’s power consumption reduction. Furnace has minimal heat losses due to the use of topquality insulation materials and a rotary lid - a compact octagonal configuration of the furnace designed to reduce the dimensions of the unit and heated furnace chamber.


As an example, we present the PTSPR 1000/09 furnace consumption measurement when melting 1,000 kg of aluminium when compared with a standard available melting gas furnace:

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