PTP melting gas stationary furnace up to 1200 °C

A furnace that will save you money on operating costs

The PTP melting and holding furnaces are used for the alloys of a variety of metals (tin, zinc, lead, aluminium, silver, gold). Thanks to the gas burner used, this furnace has a high melting output. We have achieved minimal heat losses, and thus operating cost savings for you, by using top-quality insulation materials and a rotary lid. The alloy collar, meanwhile, ensures a long life for the crucible.

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  • Easy to install, easy to control
  • Custom adjustments
  • 24-month warranty
  • Mechanical durability
  • High melting output
  • Minimal heat losses due to the use of top-quality insulation materials and a rotary lid
  • Long service life for crucible through the use of an alloy collar
  • Protection of the furnace against any damage to the crucible, in the form of a safety opening in the bottom of the furnace

Charge treatment technology

  • Melting of aluminium and aluminum alloys

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Furnace type Capacity in kg Al Tmax (in furnace chamber) °C Recommended operating temperature range (in crucible) in °C Crucible type: Noltina Volume of crucible in l External dimensions* (w × h × d) mm Weight in kg Burner power intake in kW Melting output at 700 °C, in kg Al/hour
PTP 200/12 185 1200 650 - 1000 BU 200 70 2100x1100x1400 900 180 140
PTP 250/12 270 1200 650 - 1000 BU 250 100 2100x1100x1400 1000 180 140
PTP 300/12 275 1200 650 - 1000 BU 300 110 2100x1300x1400 1200 210 150
PTP 350/12 320 1200 650 - 1000 BU 350 135 2100x1300x1400 1400 300 250
PTP 500/12 480 1200 650 - 1000 BU 500 180 2250x1300x1550 1700 300 270
PTP 600/12 590 1200 650 - 1000 BU 600 220 2300x1450x1600 1900 390 400
* Stated furnace width is inclusive of the burner inlet.
* Stated furnace height is inclusive of the closed lid.
** The melting output values specified in the table are maximum ones. They are achievable if the conditions mentioned below are complied with. Approximately 80% of the maximum value of melting output is achieved during real operation.

Subject to technical changes.



Standard equipment

  • Ht40B controller
  • Ht 40 A limit unit
  • Flue gases exhaustion from the side of the furnace + crucible lid according to a selected variant
  • Crucible protective collar
  • Weishaupt burner
  • Connection between the furnace and the switchboard within a metal hose with a plastic protector (plastic sleeve).  Within the length of 5 m.

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • Crucible
  • Charging thermocouple with protective tube
  • Thermocouple in the crucible wall 
  • Oil burner
  • Double fuel burner
  • Connection between the furnace and the switchboard, within a metal hose with a protective metal sheath. The metal hose with a protective metal sheath on the surface always should be used for hoses with lengths exceeding 5 m.
  • Measuring loop calibration (thermocouple + controller)
  • System to check for cracks in the crucible
Note: When combining accessories for an extra charge, consult the design with our technical office
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