MGF circular furnace up to 900 °C

Ideal for treatment of glass

Primarily for hobby production of bent and sintered glass, as well as for treatment of glass via fusing. Depending on accessories and their sizes, these furnaces can be suitable for both artistic and industrial production.

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  • Simple construction that significantly affects the price
  • Jacket made from a glossy stainless steel sheet
  • Stable suspension of the heated lid
  • Slit in lid for monitoring the charge during firing
  • Flawless temperature distribution due to the furnace’s design
  • Top-quality insulation materials (low electrical energy consumption, option for quick run-up to the required temperature)
  • Programmable temperature control with high accuracy
  • Solid state relay (smooth and noise-free operation, minimal interference with surrounding equipment)
  • Superb workmanship, great technical equipment, and safe operation
  • Health-safe materials used
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.
MGF-30_09-circular-furnace.jpg MGF 30/09 circular furnace
MGF-30_09-circular-furnace.jpg MGF 30/09 circular furnace

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Furnace type  Tmax°C Recommended operating temperature range in °C Volume in l External dimensions (w × h × d) mm Internal dimensions (w × h × d) mm Input in kW Weight in kg Protection**  Voltage V Overall stand height in mm 
MGF 30/09 900 500 - 900 30 615×420 410×265 3 65 16/1 230 525, 725
*Diameter of the furnace’s cylindrical body.
**Protection can vary depending on accessories chosen (at additional cost).
Subject to technical changes.

Standard equipment

  • Ht40AL controller
  • adjustable-height stand
  • wheels (2 pcs)

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • base plate
  • spacer columns
  • calibration of the controller’s measuring input
  • measuring loop calibration
  • HtCeramic or Bentrup TC44 controller
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.
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