Spiral production within just 24 hours

Spirals are consumables, and you may need to replace them fairly often. The frequency depends on how a furnace is operated and at what temperature. When the time comes for replacing a worn-out spiral, just send use the drawings and fill out a short form to let us know the specific details needed for producing a new spiral the next day. On the basis of this information, we will then select the most appropriate material and send you a heating spiral for not just our devices, but also our competitors’. Within 24 hours.


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Servis našich i cizích pecí
Service of our furnaces as well as others
Reakce do 24 h v pracovních dnech
Response within 24 hours
on working days
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7-member team
Preventivní prohlídky
Preventive inspection
319 servisních výjezdů za rok
319 service visits per year

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https://www.lac.cz/en/furnaces-and-dryers/maintenance/spiral-production-within-just-24-hours | https://www.lac.cz/en/furnaces-and-dryers/maintenance/spiral-production-within-just-24-hours