Electrical Equipment Inspections

To ensure that all your formalities are in order and that no dangers lurk in your production plant, we perform electrical equipment inspections. Our inspection technician will then hand you a protocol with a statement on whether or not a furnace is fit for operation.


Topolová 933
667 01 Židlochovice
Czech Republic
+420 547 422 619

Servis našich i cizích pecí
Service of our furnaces as well as others
Reakce do 24 h v pracovních dnech
Response within 24 hours
on working days
7 členný tým
7-member team
Preventivní prohlídky
Preventive inspection
319 servisních výjezdů za rok
319 service visits per year

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https://www.lac.cz/en/furnaces-and-dryers/maintenance/electrical-equipment-inspections | https://www.lac.cz/en/furnaces-and-dryers/maintenance/electrical-equipment-inspections