KLO oil hardening bath or KLV water hardening bath

For faster cooling during hardening and more

We designed our hardening containers so that they would stand up even in heavy operations. Thanks to the charge basket or grate, you can manipulate the charge easily and conveniently. KLOs are used for quick cooling during heat treatment of metal charges. The circulation of the medium ensures that heat is intensively drawn off of the charge, making it cool faster. It sees regular use, for instance when hardening in water, polymer, or oil, and so we also supply it in a stainless steel variant.

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  • Simple to control
  • 24-month warranty
  • Sturdy design
  • Circulation of medium for intensive drawing off of heat from the charge
  • Easy manipulation of the charge thanks to the charge basket or grate

Charge treatment technology

  • Hardening
  • Solution annealing of non-ferrous metals
KLO-oil-hardening-bath-and-KLV-water-hardening-bath.jpg KLO oil hardening bath and KLV water hardening bath
KLO-oil-hardening-bath-and-KLV-water-hardening-bath.jpg KLO oil hardening bath and KLV water hardening bath

Technical parameters

Equipment of bath

Furnace type Volume of filling in l External dimensions (w × h × d) mm Grate dimensions (w × d) mm Max. charge weight in kg Overall input** in kW Voltage V Weight in kg
KLO 2400 2400 2400×3200×1850 690×950 300 4 400 1200*
KLO 4320 4300 2700×3300×2300 700×700 400 4 400 2200*
*Weight without filling
** Power input of the agitator mechanism for circulating the coolant and the grate drive. If the bath is equipped with heating cooling, the total power consumption may vary.
Subject to technical changes.

Standard equipment

  • Variants for oil hardening medium (KLO) and water hardening medium (KLV)
  • Electrically controlled grate
  • Mixing of hardening medium

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • Cooling of hardening medium (hardening medium/air exchanger)
  • Heating of hardening medium (heating element at bottom of bath)
  • Monitoring of the medium level in the container - monitoring of max. And min. level-sensors
  • Other cooling principle
  • Other heating principle
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.

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