KE chamber kiln up to 1280 °C

A great choice for firing both decorative and industrial ceramics

Used primarily in the ceramics and glass industries for firing decorative and industrial ceramics, heat treatment of glass, and firing decorations in a chamber kiln. This kiln’s shape and design ensure perfect temperature distribution and the option of quick run-up to the required temperature. The kiln’s jacket is made of a glossy stainless steel sheet.

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  • Simple construction that significantly affects the price
  • Jacket made from a glossy stainless steel sheet
  • Air-cooled jacket
  • Furnace ventilation preventing condensation of vapours during firing
  • Perfect temperature distribution thanks to the layout of the heating spirals (for models with five heating spirals)
  • Top-quality insulation materials (low electrical energy consumption, option for quick run-up to the required temperature)
  • Programmable temperature control with high accuracy
  • Solid state relay (smooth and noise-free operation, minimal interference with surrounding equipment)
  • Superb workmanship, great technical equipment, and safe operation
  • Health-safe materials used
  • 36-month warranty
KE-125_12-chamber-furnace.jpg KE 125/12 chamber furnace
KE-125_12-chamber-furnace-2.jpg KE 125/12 chamber furnace
KE-125_12-chamber-furnace.jpg KE 125/12 chamber furnace
KE-125_12-chamber-furnace-2.jpg KE 125/12 chamber furnace

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Furnace type Tmax°C Recommended operating temperature range°C Number of heating spirals(pcs) Volumel External dimensions (w × h × d)mm Internal dimensions (w × h × d)mm InputkW Weightkg Protection*A VoltageV Manipulation width**mm
KE 125/12 1280 700 - 1200 3/5 125 910×910×1040 500×500×500 9 180 16/3 400 780
KE 250/12 1280 700 - 1200 3/5 275 1060×1060×1190 650×650×650 14 260 25/3 400 930
KE 500/12 1280 700 - 1200 3/5 504 1110×1220×1450 700×800×900 19 390 32/3 400 980
*Protection can vary depending on accessories added (at additional cost).
** After removing the controller and the door closing mechanism.
Stand height is 540 mm.
Subject to technical changes.

Standard equipment

  • Ht40AL controller (1 programme: 2x run-up, 2x dwell)
  • door manually opened towards the left
  • heating from three sides
  • power supply cable
  • slide valve for controlling air intake
  • ventilation chimney

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • HtCeramic controller (20 programmes with 15 steps each)
  • stand
  • adapter stand for drying of charge before its placement in the furnace
  • heating from five sides
  • spacing plates
  • spacer columns
  • calibration of the controller’s measuring input
  • RS230 or EIA485 interface (only with Ht40AL controller)
  • HtMonit set (software + interface; only with Ht40AL controller)
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.
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