Tempering furnace PP 20/65 300-650 °C

Even heating of the charge thanks to horizontal internal atmosphere circulation—this is the greatest advantage of this tempering furnace. The precision of the temperature distribution, its guided increase and decrease will, when used together, give you complete control over the process taking place within the furnace’s chamber.

Technical parameters

Max. temperature 650 °C
Volume: 20 l
External dimensions (w × h × d)   800×650×1000 mm 
Internal dimensions (w × h × d)  300×200×300 mm
Input: 3 kW
Max. load capacity of bottom 30 kg
Weight: 130 kg
Voltage 230 V
Protection: 16/1

The furnace has increased noise. However, it does not affect the operation of the device. The furnace warranty is stated for 6 months.
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Cena: 57 200,- CZK

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