PKRC 55/95 gastight chamber furnace with retort 950 °C

Gastight retort furnace with internal atmosphere circulation.

Electrically heated furnace suitable for annealing, tempering, reduction of internal stress, hardening or preheating of a metal charge in a closed gas-tight retort. Precisely defined protective atmosphere protecting the surface of the charge from unwanted changes with relatively low gas consumption. PKRC furnaces also have even better temperature distribution thanks to internal atmosphere circulation.

Technical parameters

Tmax: 950 °C
Volume: 24 l
External dimensions (w×h×d):  1400×1830×1450 mm 
Internal dimensions of retort (ød×w×h):  267×410×198 mm
Input: 13 kW
Max. load capacity of bottom: 150 kg
Weight: 600 kg
Voltage: 400 V
Protection: 25/3

Vybavení pece

  • manual door opening to the side
  • Ht200 controller
  • limit unit
  • automatically controlled protective atmosphere inlet for one gas type
  • vacuum pump for extraction of the atmosphere + necessary controlled forced cooling (max. possible vacuum value in the retort - 2 mbar)
  • controlled forced cooling (according to input cooling curve) + automatic flaps at the inlet and outlet
  • vacuum pressure gauge for vacuum control in the retort
  • thermistor for temperature control flange and coolant control in the retort collar
  • overpressure valve at the retort gas input point with pressure 4-6 mbar
  • ammeters to check the status of the heating elements
  • type ‘K’ thermocouple
  • contactless solid state relays for silent operation
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What you should know about the oven

  • the furnace is exhibited in a German showroom
  • undamaged, used for a short time during the presentation
  • fully functional
  • year of manufacture 2017
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