Hardering chamber furnace PK 105/12 with accessories 1280°C

We design our hardening chamber furnaces as very durable facilities for hardening, annealing, or preheating metal charges before forging under an oxidizing atmosphere. The heating elements are covered with SiC plates with strong mechanical durability, which protect them from damage. Heating from three sides, meanwhile, is a guarantee of even heat distribution within the operating area. Furnace equipment includes an Ht205 controller, an RS232 communication line and controlled overpressure forced cooling of the furnace working space.

The furnace is sporadically used for testing different types of batches, fully functional in mint condition.

Technical parameters

Max. temperature: 1280 °C
Recommended operating temperature range:   700-1200 °C
Volume: 105 l
External dimensions (w×h×d): 1450*×1550×1850 mm 
Internal dimensions (w×h× d): 500×350×600 mm
Input: 21 kW
Max. load capacity of bottom  150 kg
Max. load for folding tables  50 kg
Weight: 660 kg
Voltage: 400 V
Protection: 40/30
*Furnace dimensions without manipulation table.
Price: €8,560 Czech VAT excluded

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https://www.lac.cz/en/furnaces-and-dryers/discounted-furnaces/hardering-chamber-furnace-pk-105-12-with-accessori | https://www.lac.cz/en/furnaces-and-dryers/discounted-furnaces/hardering-chamber-furnace-pk-105-12-with-accessori