KNC/V 1000/65 line up to 650 °C

Bottom-loaded furnaces for solution annealing and artificial ageing of aluminium

We designed the KNC/V 1000/65 line for solution annealing of aluminium castings followed by ageing; that is, the whole process for heat treatment of castings. It’s made up of a vertically loaded furnace on rails, which it rides from the loading and operating position to the position above the hardening baths.
Solution annealing can be done in this furnace automatically or semi-automatically. The operator drives the charge under the furnace using a forklift and runs the programme.
The furnace is connected to an operating system with a programmable automatic system, so the entire heat treatment process is fully automated and no operator intervention is needed. The charge is manipulated using an electrically driven winch, while the furnace door is driven hydraulically. After treatment is completed, the furnace rides above a water bath, the door opens, and the charge is let into the water.
Thanks to the minimisation of the distance between the furnace and the water bath, the immersion time needed can be reduced to below 8 to 10 seconds.
The line can easily be expanded with a furnace for artificial ageing so the whole heat treatment process can be completed in one device.

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What’s great about this facility

  • even temperature distribution
  • the furnace can be equipped with an appropriate number of thermocouples and a recording device needed for meeting the demands of the AMS 2750e standard
  • immersion time can be shortened to under 8 to 10 seconds
  • the whole heat treatment process can be done in one facility
  • option to increase the facility’s capacity by expanding it with a second furnace for solution annealing
  • automatic and semi-automatic versions
KNC_V-1000_65-line-for-heat-treatment-of-aluminium-castings.jpg KNC/V 1000/65 line for heat treatment of aluminium castings
KNC_V-1000_65-line-for-heat-treatment-of-aluminium-castings.jpg KNC/V 1000/65 line for heat treatment of aluminium castings

Technical parameters

KNC/V 1000/65
  • Max. temperature: 650 °C
  • Internal dimensions (w × h × d): 1000 × 1400 × 1000 mm
  • Charge: aluminium castings
  • Input: 39 kW
  • Control system: PLC Siemens
  • Installation place and year: Czech Republic, 2011
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