SP 18700/15 dryer up to 150 °C

Snack puff drying furnace

With their original outdated facilities, the customer was seeing high residual moisture in the puffs. These puffs had reduced shelf life after packaging. Our task was to reduce residual moisture from 10% to 2%. The customer also required us to install this facility in the limited space they had available. More broadly, our task was to install our facility with improved parameters in the same space as the old facility, immediately after that facility’s decommissioning. 
Based on this task definition, we decided to design a multi-level continuous dryer. Puffs are dried on three belt conveyors, and the furnace is divided into three heating zones. Due to the limited space, we also had to choose an unusual placement for the dryer’s fan units and air distribution tubes. We also had to solve the dilemma of which materials to use for the furnace. Because this is a furnace for the food processing industry, it had to be made entirely from materials certified for use in that industry.
We successfully handled all these requirements, achieved the required residual moisture level and incorporated our facility into the existing production line and limited space. 

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What’s great about this facility:

  • customisation of the furnace’s design to fit in the existing assembly line
  • reduction of residual moisture to the required level

Technical parameters

  • Max. temperature: 150 °C
  • Recommended operating temperature range: 80–100 °C
  • Heat distribution in the furnace’s operational space: ± 5 °C
  • Internal dimensions (w × h × d): 1700 × 2200 × 5000 mm
  • Furnace capacity: 400 kg/hr
  • Conveyor type: belt
  • Number of heating zones: 3
  • Heating input: 67 kW
  • Voltage: 3/N/PE 400/230V AC 50 Hz
  • Control system: SIMATIC S7-1200
  • Installation place and year: Czech Republic, 2014
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