PKP 6000/12 hardening chamber furnace up to 1150 °C

A sturdy furnace for preheating titanium billets

Handling the pre-forging preheating of two tons of titanium billets in just two hours and meeting strict aerospace standards – these are the two main advantages of our specially designed gas chamber furnace.
We supplied the custom PKP 6000/12 furnace specially for a British aerospace customer, for the production of titanium and other aeroplane parts at temperatures from 900 to 1150 °C. The customer’s key requirements were compliance with the strict AMS 2750 aerospace standard and a quick run-up to the furnace’s operating temperature.
For the demanding operations at a forge, the sturdiness of the furnace and the materials used were also very important. The furnace was thus made from a strong steel construction, Superwool 607 HT ISO blocks, and shaped blocks manufactured at our branch in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou. These shaped blocks are what enables the furnace bottom to resist the impacts of 200-kilogram titanium billets.

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What’s great about this facility

  • meets the strict AMS 2750e aerospace standards
  • furnaces that can achieve the desired temperature quickly
  • shaped blocks from our other production plant ensure that the furnace’s bottom can resist the impact from 200-kilogram titanium billets
  • easier charge loading thanks to an electrical door opening system that opens towards the top at the front and back of the furnace, with remote control and an option for partial opening
  • reduced energy demands, better utilisation of lost heat, and recuperation system
  • a sophisticated furnace control system using PLC S7-1200 and Eurotherm 3504 controllers as well as temperature recording software and an RS 485 communication link
  • the most precise measurement and regulation equipment that meets AMS specifications

Technical parameters

  • Max. temperature: 1150 °C
  • Recommended operating temperature range: 900–1150 °C
  • Heat distribution in the furnace’s operational space: ± 8 °C
  • Internal dimensions (w × h × d): 3000 × 800 × 2500 mm
  • Fuel: natural gas
  • Charge: titanium billet
  • Furnace capacity: 6000 l
  • Heating input: 552 kW
  • Control system: PLC Simatic S7-1200, Eurotherm 3504 Master and 2 × Slave 3504
  • Installation place and year: Great Britain, 2015
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