SP 5400/02 continuous furnace up to 200 °C

Dryer for pre-drying sand half-moulds

Before applying paint, the sand half-mould must be pre-dried. That is precisely the purpose of this continuous furnace with a roller conveyor. One of our customers needed to dry moulds, and above all to do so as quickly as possible. 
We thus divided the furnace into multiple heating zones with powerful air circulation so we could ensure fast mould pre-drying at the desired speed.

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What’s great about this facility

  • meets speed demands for mould pre-drying thanks to the powerful furnace circulation system
  • ideal for tough operating conditions thanks to the sturdy furnace construction

Technical parameters

  • Max. temperature: 200 °C
  • Recommended operating temperature range: 60–80 °C
  • Internal dimensions (w × h × d): 2000 × 600 × 4000 mm
  • Charge: 2 sand half-moulds
  • Charge weight: approximately 2500 kg
  • Conveyor type: roller
  • Number of heating zones: ??
  • Heating input: 54 kW
  • Control system: SIMATIC S7-1200
  • Installation place and year: Germany, 2006
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