Furnaces for ceramics and glass

We are aware that our range of furnaces for ceramics and glass are appreciated by customers for their simple operation, ease of maintenance and long service life. Advantages on which we place great emphasis. And we are pleased that these kilns for firing ceramics and fusing or melting glass are bringing joy to art fans, children at schools, and artists in their workshops. They also serving reliably at large production plants and halls.
“I’m unbelievably and totally satisfied with LAC furnaces. Why would I go anywhere else? We’ve never had an order go unfinished or be delivered late because of a malfunction. That’s the only thing I care about.” Ing. Miroslav Kučerka, U kocoura chlupatého Ceramics Studio
Range of working temperatures for the technological process:
Set the range of temperatures you need for the production or heat treatment of your products. Then, you’ll find a list below of the furnaces with operational temperatures in this range.
Almost 20.000 furnaces manufactured
Our own team of maintenance technicians
25-member design team
6 custom projects per month
Testing of your specific charges
Please send us your requirements sales@lac.cz

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