K Kammeröfen für die additive Fertigung up to 1300 °C

The chamber furnace for heat treatment of 3D components

The chamber furnace for heat treatment of 3D components produced by additive manufacturing technology which ensures a process for correct metallurgical properties of metallic alloy.

Processed material type: stainless steel, nickel alloy and cobalt-chromium alloys

Examples of platform
max. dimensions (mm)
Furnace type
100x100 K 40/13
250x250 K 120/13
400x400 K 216/13
420x520 K 500/13
400x800 K 715/13

Steel components and nickel and cobalt-chromium alloys produced using the AM technology are processed in protective atmosphere at a temperature up to 1,100 °C. Up to 1,300 °C without a box with protective atmosphere intake.
The K furnaces are suitable for heat treatment of metals such as e.g. annealing, solution annealing, soft annealing, tempering, curing and internal stress relieving. It is possible to change a standard furnace into the variant with protective atmosphere intake by using a protective box.

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  • Robust steel structure
  • Ventilation that prevents vapour condensation during firing (reduces corrosion)
  • Heating from five sides, including the bottom
  • Top-quality insulation materials (low electrical energy consumption, option for quick run-up to the required temperature)
  • Solid state relay (smooth and noise-free operation, minimal interference with surrounding equipment)
  • 36-month warranty

Heat treatment technology of additively produced charge

  • Artificial ageing
  • Relieving of internal stress
  • Annealing
  • Solution annealing

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment

Öfen auf Lager

Furnace type  Tmax°C Tmax
with gas box°C
Volumeml External
dimensions* (w×h×d)mm
dimensions (w×h×d)mm
Gas box internal
dimensions (w×h×d)mm
InputkW Weightkg Protection**  VoltageV Max. floor
K 40/13 1300 1100 40 945×1470×1020 350×350×350 170×170×170 9 170 16/3 400 50
K 120/13 1300 1100 120 1080×1480×1120 500×500×500 350×350×350 15 350 25/3 400 80
K 216/13 1300 1100 216 1250×1600×1250 600×600×600 450×400×450 20 400 40/3 400 120
K 500/13 1300 1100 490 1460×1825×1460 650×1000×750 500×750×600 40 770 80/3 400 300
K 715/13 1300 1100 715 1460×1825×1950 650×1000×1100 500×750×950 60 990 100/3 400 400
* For the furnaces’ exterior dimension, the height is given including the stand (K 50 – K 300). The stand’s height is 615 mm. The stated width, meanwhile, includes the controller 160 mm (K 50 – K 300) and the switchboard 250 mm (K 500 – K 2000).
** Protection can vary depending on accessories chosen (at additional cost).
Subject to technical changes.

Standard furnace equipment

  • Gas box with protective atmosphere automatic intake
  • HT 205 controller
  • HT-Monit set (LAN+SW interface for PC)
  • Automatically controlled protective atmosphere intake for single type of gas (one flow meter)
  • K type control thermocouple + HT 40 B displaying unit
  • K type charge thermocouple + HT 40 B displaying unit
  • Furnace control switching between the control and charge thermocouples
  • Door controlled manually opening towards the right-hand side
  • Manually controlled ventilation chimney
  • Free-standing variant

Optional accessories available for an extra charge

  • HT-MonitEV registration software
  • Three- or four-colour beacon
  • Automatic intake and exhaust flap (recommended)
  • Manual intake and exhaust flap
  • Controlled/uncontrolled vacuum forced cooling
  • Door automatic opening towards the top (pneumatically)
  • Door electric lock
  • Door opening towards the left
  • Switchboard cooling
  • Optimisation of the temperature field for DIN 17052-1 ΔT20 °C in the internal usable space (in an empty furnace at Tmax)
  • Pull out hook with length of 750 mm or 1,000 mm
  • Protective atmosphere automatic intake for two different quantities of gas (two flow meters) - it is recommended
  • Charging trolley
  • Cooling table
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office. When combining at least two accessories (automatic ventilation flap, overpressure forced cooling, graphic temperature recorder), an Ht Industry/Ht 205 controller is needed.

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