Successful project in the field of reducing carbon dioxide emissions - delivery of energy-saving annealing furnace VKNC 7200

LAC proactively creates innovative carbon footprint solutions. LAC energy-saving furnaces are more environmentally friendly with each new generation. We supply our customers with high-quality heat treatment technologies, thus providing competitive advantages - we increase efficiency, energy efficiency and together protect the environment. Reducing the carbon footprint: up to a third of the cost savings of operating energy-efficient LAC furnaces.
Delivery of bogie-hearth chamber annealing furnace VKNC 7200 for Vítkovické slévárny, spol. s r. o. is one of the successful projects in the field of supply of energy-saving furnaces and reduction of CO2 emissions. More specifically, a new VKNC 7200 annealing furnace was installed, including monitoring of electricity consumption as a replacement for the outdoor annealing furnace for heating oil. The aim of the installation of a new electric annealing furnace is primarily to modernize and simplify the annealing cycle, but it is also not negligible to reduce emissions. By removing light fuel oil and switching to electric heating, emissions of solid pollutants will be reduced annually by 177 kg, NOx by 570 kg, CO2 by 88.70 tons.emise-VKNC-EN.png

A short case study of this project, created in cooperation with Vítkovické slévárny, spol. s r.o., can be downloaded here:
LAC furnaces are designed with an emphasis on always adding something extra to the product - whether it is a reduction in operating costs, energy consumption, emissions or a favorable service contract. We prefer to reduce your operating costs, energy consumption, but also emissions.

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