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Melting gas tilting furnaces with recuperation system PTSPR

Furnaces PTSPR

Plynová sklopná rekuperační pec

These tilting furnaces are for melting and holding alloys to max temperature 1200 °C. Tilting version allows tilting and pouring the alloy into a transporting pan or transporting holding furnace for transport to follow-up processes.

Furnaces type PTSPR are equipped with recuperation system that significantly reduces gas consumption.



  • Fuel saving resulting from the insertion of heated air into the gas burner of the recuperation system
  • Furnace provides estimated gas savings of 25 - 30 % less gas compared to conventional gas furnaces
  • Accurate temperature regulation in the heating chamber
  • Minimal heat loss due to use of top insulating materials and a rotating lid
  • Protective iron collar on the crucible rim ensures long crucible life
  • Lid can be easily disassembled for quick replacement of the crucible


Recuperation system:

Průběh teplot v rekuperační peci

Recuperation is the process of removal of the flue gas from the furnace to the incoming air fan that occurs in the heat exchanger. The burner sucks in up to 300 °C heated air directly from the exchanger.

Energy savings are calculated as the difference between the amount of gas used to heat the air to the required temperature, 20 °C intake from the area around the furnace and the heated air intake from the heat exchanger.


Standard design of furnace includes:

  • Crucible
  • Protective crucible collar
  • Recuperation system
  • HTH8 controller
  • Limit unit
  • Thermocouple in the furnace chamber
  • Switchboard
  • Metal-sheathed cable connection between the furnace and the electro cabinet
  • Manually-operated lid


Optional accessories for additional charge:

  • 2xPTSPRCharge thermocouple in protective tube
  • Crucible wall thermocouple
  • Calibration of the measuring points


Atypical accessories:

  • Folding furnace platform
  • Retractable protective visor (only for tilting furnaces
  • Hydraulically-powered lid
  • JUMO controller 


Furnace type  Capacity T max** Crucible type Crucible volume Melting output at 700 °C External dimensions Burner power Weight Consumption melting
kg Al °C Noltina l kg Al/hod mm (w*xh*xd) kW kg kWh/1 kg Al
PTSPR 330/12 285 1200 TP 412 130 340 2900x2350x1750 390 2400 0,7 - 0,8
PTSPR 570/12 490 1200 TP 587 200 560 3200x2650x1850 390 3800 0,7 - 0,8
PTSPR 750/12 840 1200 TBN 800 320 590 3400x2950x2000 450 4300 0,7 - 0,8
PTSPR 1000/12 1050 1200 TBN 1100 400 630 3400x3200x2000 450 5300 0,7 - 0,8

Technical changes reserved
* Furnace width including the burner
* Furnace height including the closed lid
** Tmax is the maximum temperature which can be attained by the furnace, but is not suitable for long-term operation


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