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Company profile

LAC Company Ltd. has been a successful manufacturer and mar­keter of industrial furnaces, dryers and refractory castable shapes for more than two decades and has a strong presence in both in domestic as well as foreign markets. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has manufactured more than 13,000 furnaces.

The products are designed for applications in a wide range of heat treatment and technological processes and are particularly suited to the following: 

  • heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in metallurgy
  • heat treatment and chemical- heat treatment metal processing
  • heat treatment for metal-shaping and welding processes
  • low-temperature applications
  • alloy technologies for non-ferrous metals
  • laboratory technologies
  • industrial production of glass and industrial ceramics
  • production of hobby glass and ceramics


The LAC manufacturing program includes the manufacture of a complete standard range of furnace and dryer lines, and also accommodates the individual requirements of the customer through the design and manufacture of atypical furnaces tailor-made to meet customer specifications. In response to ever-increasing global energy prices, LAC has begun to actively implement energy audits through which energy losses are identified, thus helping customers to significantly reduce energy costs. The LAC development and design office works in tandem with a team of service techni­cians to ensure quality service to customers and pave the way for future company growth. LAC technological development has also progressed to include the fulfilment of NADCAP standard contracts for the aircraft and defence industries.


A significant part of the LAC business is the manufacture of refractory castable shapes, the bulk of which are used in the manu­facture of industrial furnaces. Refractory castable shapes are also used by metallurgy companies and manufacturers of boilers for burning wood, pellets, and biomass. LAC is presently one of the largest manufacturers of refractory concrete shaped blocks in Europe. In 2012 LAC completed a 1,2 mil. € expansion of the LAC refractory castable shapes production facilities. The company also supplies heating elements, refractory and insulation materials, regu­lating elements, and reconstruction of furnaces, heating systems and switchboards to its customers.

TÜV SÜDThe rapid growth of the company is illustrated by its present 200 employees, capital assets of 480,000 EUR, and 25,000 mof production, warehousing and company administration facilities. In 2013 the company re-certified its quality management system to meet the new standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. In 2008 LAC opened a sales branch in China.



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