We’ll be there: The foundry-focused Euroguss Trade Fair

We are pleased to inform all fans of LAC furnaces and dryers that they will have a new opportunity to meet up with us in the new year. It’s at the Euroguss Trade Fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

You’ll find us in Hall 7 at the stand for the Association of Foundries of the Czech Republic (No. 7 – 358). Come and consult on business matters, or just to chat. We’ll be glad to see you!


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http://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/well-be-there-the-foundry-focused-euroguss-trade | http://www.lac.cz/en/news/furnaces-and-dryers/well-be-there-the-foundry-focused-euroguss-trade