Universal CHTZ line 950 °C

For high surface quality on metal components

The line is used for heat and chemical-heat treatment of metal components. It is suitable for processing any components where surface quality is among the traits emphasised. The charge is constantly under a protective atmosphere throughout its treatment and transport from the furnace to the hardening bath. This atmosphere prevents air from penetrating through to the charge, thus preventing the formation of scales on the charge’s surface. The entire process is automatic and thus requires a minimum of operator intervention.

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Small-CHTZ-centre-1.jpg Universal CHTZ line
Small-CHTZ-centre-1.jpg Universal CHTZ line

Technical parameters

  • Maximum operating temperature of furnace: 950 °C
  • Maximum operating temperature of oil bath: 200 °C
  • Maximum operating temperature of salt bath: 450 °C
  • Recommended operating temperature range: 500–900 °C
  • Control system: PLC – Siemens, Protherm - Process Electronic
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