SKM hardening operation centre up to 340 °C

A practical, all-in-one facility for easy hardening in laboratories

There’s really not much more to say. You can choose the furnaces that make up this facility as you judge best.

I’m interested in the hardening centre

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  • Easy to install, easy to control
  • Custom adjustments
  • 24-month warranty
  • Immediate technical support
  • Up to 1340 °C
  • Cooling in air, water, and oil
  • Everything right at hand

Charge treatment technology

(PS = partially suitable)
  • Heat treatment of metal materials
  • Material testing
SKM-hardening-operation-centre-2.jpg SKM hardening operation centre
SKM-hardening-operation-centre-2.jpg SKM hardening operation centre

Furnace equipment


This centre is made up of

  • a small laboratory hardening table
  • on the top: any LH furnace model, or a PKE 12/12 or PKE 18/12
  • on the bottom: PP 20/45, 65, or L 03 – L 15 tempering furnaces

Standard variant

  • table arm welded from steel profiles
  • a hardening grate for hardening in flowing air is on the table
  • fan located under the hardening grate
  • hardening vessel for water with a volume of 50 l
  • hardening vessel for oil with a volume of 50 l
  • vessels equipped with lids with handles
  • baskets made of perforated sheet metal in vessels

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • chamotte shaped blocks around the hardening grate
  • thermostat-controlled heating of the hardening medium
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