PKRC gastight chamber furnace with retort up to 950 / 1100 °C

The better PKR. With internal atmosphere circulation for precise temperature distribution

For this furnace, the same applies as for PKR—a precisely defined protective atmosphere protecting the surface of the charge from unwanted changes, relatively low gas consumption, a variant with argon, nitrogen, or forming gas, and so on. However, the PKRC furnaces also have even better temperature distribution than PKR furnaces thanks to internal atmosphere circulation.

For the PKRC furnaces, you can also pay extra for a retort made from Inconel that can handle a temperature 150 °C higher than a stainless steel retort can. We can also adapt PKRC furnaces to nitriding furnaces at your request.

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  • Installation of facilities in the Czech Republic for free
  • Custom adjustments
  • Delivery times as low as 9 weeks
  • Noise-free operation
  • 24-month warranty
  • Immediate technical support
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Mechanical durability
  • Chemical durability
  • Industrial robustness

Charge treatment technology

(PS = partially suitable)

  • Normalisation annealing
  • High-temperature tempering
  • Curing
  • Tempering of tool steels with protective atmosphere
  • Nitriding
  • Carbonitriding
  • Sintering
  • Pyrolysis
  • Heat treatment of metal materials
  • Material testing (PS)
  • Annealing, reducing internal stress
PKRC-55_95-gastight-chamber-furnace-with-retort-and-circulation.jpg PKRC 55/95 gastight chamber furnace with retort and circulation
PKRC-55_95-gastight-chamber-furnace-with-retort-and-circulation.jpg PKRC 55/95 gastight chamber furnace with retort and circulation

Technical parameters

Furnace equipment


Furnace type Tmax°C Recommended operating temperature range in °C Volume in l External dimensions (w × h × d) mm Internal dimensions (d x w) mm Input in kW Weight in kg Protection*  Voltage V Max. load capacity of bottom in kg
PKRC 55/95 950** 300 - 900*** 24 1450×1450×1450 272×410 13 600 25/3 400 150
PKRC 130/95 950** 300 - 900*** 69 1450×1450×1950 372×635 21 980 40/3 400 200
PKRC 180/95 950** 300 - 900*** 83 1650×1650×2050 412×620 29 1100 50/3 400 200
PKRC 350/95 950** 300 - 900*** 225 1800×1750×2350 542×975 50 1380 80/3 400 300
*Protection can vary depending on accessories added (at additional cost).
** If a retort made from Inconel and a cast screw are used, then up to 1100 °C.
*** If a retort made from Inconel and a cast screw are used, then up to 1050 °C.
Subject to technical changes.
Note: After our experience with previous applications, we know that the service life for a standard retort (an internal gastight vessel) used for a maximum temperature of 950 °C is low (it depends on its endurance period for the temperature, but is roughly on the order of hundreds of hours). If you wish to operate a plant regularly at a temperature of around 950 °C, then we recommend equipping it with a retort made from Inconel.

Standard equipment

  • HtIndustry/Ht205 controller (30 programmes with 15 steps each)/Ht200 controller (30 programmes with 25 steps each, USB interface)
  • heating spirals on ceramic tubes outside the furnace’s operational space
  • door insulation
  • manually controlled ventilation flap for cooling space outside of the retort
  • door manually opened towards the side
  • limit unit
  • automatically controlled intake of protective atmosphere for one type of gas (without vacuum pump)
  • manovacuometer for checking overpressure in the retort
  • feed for connecting vacuum pump
  • adapter for connecting a G ½″ rubber hose to the cooling of the collar
  • thermistor for checking the temperature of the flange and detection of coolant presence in the collar of the retort
  • overpressure safety vent for releasing protective gas from the retort with an overpressure of 4–6 mbar
  • ammeters for checking the state of the heating elements (numbers based on number of phases connected to the heating)
  • “S” type thermocouple
  • contactless switching relay for noise-free operation
  • limit switch for safe opening of the furnace
  • free-standing variant

Optional accessories available at additional cost

  • replacement retort made of refractory stainless steel
  • vacuum pump for sucking atmosphere out after manipulation of the charge
  • automatic ventilation flap for cooling the space outside the retort
  • charge thermocouple + Ht40 temperature display
  • controlled forced cooling (cooling along a selected cooling curve)
  • cooling using automatically controlled suction and ventilation flaps (without fan)
  • graphic temperature recorder
  • retort made from Inconel
  • other gas management per specification (multiple gases, multiple flows, etc.)
  • custom stand
  • cast screw
  • optimisation of the temperature field for DIN 17052-1 ΔT20 °C in the internal usable space (in an empty furnace at Tmax)
  • measuring loop calibration
  • RS232 or EIA485 interfaces including software and cabling
  • HtMonit set (software + interface)
Note: When combining accessories (at additional cost), consult with our technical office.
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