24.01. 2017
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Become our partner

Shortly after its founding, the LAC Company, a Czech manufacturer of industrial furnaces and dryers, had started to build the extensive worldwide sales and service network run by authorized partners. At present this network includes 40 companies being active on the territory of 38 different counties.

Hand by hand with its business partners the company has been pushing hard for more than 17 years to provide the highest possible quality of LAC brand products. The company values are based on securing the position of a wide-range supplier, reliable service provider, excellent customer service and, last but not least, the most reliable supplier of spare parts. At present the company has been focusing mainly on customer-oriented projects that support the product innovations and development of components within its own pilot production program. Many reference installations of our products support the theory of the correctness of our direction.

Are you interested in the cooperation with our company as far as the sales, service, production or product development is concerned? Are you ambitious enough? Do you want to apply your knowledge on the local market? Are you experienced in the sales and service of different-sized technological equipment? If yes you are the right person we are looking for – become our business partner today!

Please contact us by sending us an e-mail to sales@lac.cz. Or, you can call us at +420 547 230 016.

Become our partner

Company Head Office:

LAC, spol. s.r.o.
Štefánikova 116
664 61 Rajhrad
Czech Republic
tel. : +420 547 230 016
fax : +420 547 230 212
e-mail: info@lac.cz
How to find us:
How to find us
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